• EntrepreneurX™

    Our purpose with EntrepreneurX™ is simple – to provide our users with a social media experience that won't leave their personal information exposed, sold, or abused. Other social media sites provide your personal data to advertisers, and we refuse to do that. Instead, we've created a user-driven experience with your feedback. Putting the user first is important to our mission.

    What if the perfect social media platform for you was easily carried in your pocket, connected your various online profiles, and saved you time? EntrepreneurX™ is a social media app that you can trust to connect with your friends, family, and favorite brands without compromising you and your privacy. We want to change the direction that apps and social media are going by providing you an easy-to-use platform where you can give feedback for changes, features, and updates.

    EntrepreneurX™ is different from standard social media channels for many reasons, but this one stands above the rest: we created the platform with the user in mind, not for the profit. Don't like an update to the app? We can change it back. Want to see something new or different? Just let us know. Your feedback as a user will help us to build the most fun, most secure, and most interactive app on your phone.

    Our company was built on a need to feel like you don't have to give your personal information away in exchange for using a product. Our personal data should be private, but many companies feel that it is their property. EntrepreneurX™ was built so that users can connect with their loved ones and follow their favorite sports teams, bands, and other companies important to them, but not giving up their private information in return.

    We promise that these values won't be compromised no matter how large we get. We will always listen to feedback to provide the best experience for our users. We will never sell your information to companies and advertisers. We will not spam you. We will only provide you with the best social media experience we can offer, and the user gets to decide how that looks. Welcome to the future of social media. Welcome to EntrepreneurX™.